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My Story

I didn’t join an unhealthy church on purpose. Like many others, I joined because I was looking for something — I wanted to be in a church that was “alive.” I wanted to see and feel God’s power. I thought that if I could experience something supernatural, I’d somehow become a super-Christian: one who had no doubts and no fears. Then, maybe, if I was good enough, perhaps there would be a chance that God would use me in one of those spectacular supernatural ways. The irony is that my journey took me in the opposite direction. Instead of becoming a super-Christian, I found myself doubting my salvation. Instead of getting closer to God, I found myself farther away than I had ever imagined possible.

I’ve broken my story into several parts:

  • Waking Up — How I realized that I was in a bad spot
  • Leaving — How I finally left
  • Moving On — Searching for “normal.”

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  • Hello Jenni,

    It was wonderful to find your website – and read your ‘recovering pentacostal’ testimony.
    I’ve been through changes myself since the mid nineties.
    I’ve been in ‘hurtful’ churches – and I’ve been in positive ones.
    Right now I go to an anglican church near where I live – and am about to start training for ministry (that one happened unexpectedly! lol).

    I’m also now disabled (slightly) with MS – so that’s brought some changes too.

    Anyway, I just recently tried to ‘re-join’ the New Wine list – to see who is on there now (if anybody?).

    God bless you,

    david bradwell

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